19x5 prayer beads: 'Two seaS'

Inspired by a significant event in the client’s life, this prayer bead set is comprised of two strands of 19 beads, one for the client and another for his partner. It includes a hand-carved alabaster stone structure, which was formed after the fountain-structure that was closely tied to this significant event. The fountain has five ridges that act as the “5” when counting the 19 beads. When the two strands of beads are stored in the stone sculpture, the fountain comes to life as the blue tones of the topaz and aquamarine beads create the illusion of water.

19x5 - Two Seas.jpg

a dynamic, functional sculpture

When not in use, the two strands of 19 beads are stored in the alabaster sculpture, as if the fountain was alive and flowing with water


delicate beads

Prior to stringing, each bead was measured for depth and radius, and arranged according to size. Each bead species was laid out mirrored to each other, such that at one end the largest aquamarines were flanked by the smallest topaz, and at the opposing end the largest topaz was flanked by the smallest aquamarines. The purpose of this detail was to create a sense of flow by the gradation of the stones, and in hopes that the patterns of colours would be subtle from one end to the other.

19x5 - Two Seas - D.jpg


The fountain began its life as a block of silver cloud alabaster, whose top surface was first flattened, then the rough shape and ridges outlined and carved, and the final curves and base formed.