Custom made solid platinum women’s engagement ring and wedding band hybrid, with eight asymmetrically distributed flush mount natural white diamonds and one bezel set natural blue sapphire. The diamonds are set on milligrained waves that flank the central focus of this piece.

The design of this piece attempted to incorporate the visual style of Art Deco, while the overall inspiration was drawn from the imagery invoked in the Bahá’í prayer for Marriage by `Abdu’l-Bahá. In the prayer a marriage is likened to two seas (represented by the three waves on either side of the ring) that are brought together, between which is a barrier which they “overpasseth not”, and as a result of their union, pearls and corals (in the case of the ring, diamonds) are cast unto the “shore of life”:

“…Wherefore, wed Thou in the heaven of Thy mercy these two birds of the nest of Thy love, and make them the means of attracting perpetual grace; that from the union of these two seas of love a wave of tenderness may surge and cast the pearls of pure and goodly issue on the shore of life. “He hath let loose the two seas, that they meet each other: Between them is a barrier which they overpass not…(1)”

(1) Qur’án 56:62
– ‘Abdu’l-Bahá


Initial rings inspired by the style of Art Deco, incorporating blue stones, and floral patterns.


First draft of the final design, contemplating how to resolve the union of the two sides of the ring, the size and distribution of flush set diamonds along the bulges.