Kore Series: Âmago Lamp

This dimmable LED accent lamp is the first in a series of lamps made from reclaimed concrete cores, discarded during the construction of a condominium building. The design embraces the construction process that produced the 4 1/2″ diameter core. The sixteenth-inch thick floating brass sleeve hugs the concrete, evoking the drill head used to core out the concrete slab. When the lamp is on, the subtle ridges and pockmarks left from the coring process cast shadows in the light flowing out from under the sleeve. The unfinished top of the lamp contrasts with the smooth sides, again reinforcing the connection to the construction process.

The minimal design celebrates and draws focus to the materiality of the lamp – the warm refinement of the brass embraces the cold solidity of the unfinished concrete, mediated by the LED module that sits with only a fraction of an inch between them. The lamp also features an accent brass tube housing the wiring connection, and sits in a 1/8″ recess in the brass base, providing added stability and a minimal finish.