Kore Series: Bollard Lamp

This dimmable LED accent floor/table lamp is the second in a series of lamps made from reclaimed concrete cores, discarded during the construction of a condominium building. The design aims to embrace the simplicity of the cylindrical form by adding as little material as possible. Rather than directing emitted light through external optics, shades, or diffusers, the core itself becomes the means. The slit operates as a housing for the lighting unit, as well as ensuring the emitted linear light pattern.

Raising the core with brass plates that maintain a continuity from the top of the lamp through to the bottom, by matching the width of the slit, allowed for the running of cables. The use of brass was a logical decision, as the soft warm color created a balance with the seemingly cold, and sharper concrete. Due to physical restraints, the power supply and dimming module were placed outside of the lamp, leading to the use of a wirelessly controlled remote for convenience purposes.



The deceptively simple design underwent several studies in proportions that both accommodated the requirements of the lighting unit, and an aesthetics that was logical and emphasized the wholeness of the unit.