It all started when...

As a student of art history (among other things -­­ I may have had more majors than I had apartments in university!) I struggled to understand why we value physical things (art, objects, buildings), why the material world is so instinctively important to us as human beings when we know intellectually that it will all eventually turn to dust.

It wasn’t until I studied the work of artists like architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and painter Piet Mondrian that a relationship between the world of ideals and the physical world became clearer to me.

These artists used their respective mediums to illustrate their beliefs about human nature and the world around them. For them, physical objects were both a way of making their values manifest and a means of working through these concepts. Understanding their approach helped me to see that focusing on the physical is totally reconcilable with a higher purpose when things are created with intention, and in an exploration of deeper meaning.